Break Your Limits

Help your employees overcome their limiting beliefs. What holds them back in life, will hold them back in business. Move your employees and business to a higher level of success.

Safety First: Internationally Certified Firewalking Instructors

Changing Young People's Lives

See the amazing shifts in motivation and inspiration achieved within these young people once you have removed their limiting beliefs. What would you do if you were not afraid?

Safety is our biggest concern: Internationally Certified Trainers



 Corporate Firewalking

Corporate Firewalking is a powerful metaphor for overcoming limiting beliefs and fears that hold people back to take action. To take action in their lives and at work. We have had great successes with corporate teams bigger than 100 to help overcome what holds the group back to achieve targets. This will create employee engagement and motivate your team.

 Glass Walking

Glass walking is a powerful method, as is firewalking, but it is more suited for indoor events and shorter available time for the intervention. Perfect for boardrooms where you have to motivate and align your team. Smallers groups are preferred due to glass taking longer to walk than fire.

 Arrow Breaking

You take an archery arrow as a symbol of those limiting beliefs and break it with your throat by putting the sharp end in the soft part of your throat and push into the arrow until it snaps. A powerful event in any individual’s life. I can still remember the change it brought in my 13 year old daughter’s life.

 Rebar Bending

Can you bend a re-enforced steel bar with your throat? Yes you can and you do it in teams of two! A perfect metaphor for breaking through limiting beliefs in groups of two. Get your team to break through together.

Knowing what you want and need to achieve in life and business but stopped by limiting beliefs creates frustration. Breaking through what holds you back is powerful.

 Mini Team Build

We understand the financial and time pressures businesses face during full day or multi-day team building events. That is why we have the mini team build option. A 3 to 4 hour event you can have anytime during the day, late afternoon or even the evenings to get your staff motivated, inspired and aligned. We work with you to make sure the work we do is aligned with your corporate objectives.

If your company is planning a team build and you are concerned about time and lost of productive time then this option is for you.

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