About Fire Up Africa

We are very excited about a project we have recently launched, Fire Up Africa. We have been working on this for the past 6 months and believe that what is happening in the country right now it is time for an urgent launch.

We believe right now, South Africa & Africa desperately requires an economic change. There has been a lot said over that past few years on entrepreneurship, however, doing the same thing seems to be producing the same results. Negative growth, unhappy & disgruntled people. Over the last year, alongside some other specialists in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, personal development, and business start-up, we have developed a unique program that we truly believe will change the face of economies in Africa. This program is based on four key fundamentals:

  • Changing Mind-sets
  • Co- Creation
  • Quick start up business models using minimal capital investment
  • Fast results

In June 2015 we are rolling out a program called Fire Up Africa. The Purpose is to create and energise a movement towards showing, teaching, enabling, and encouraging people to “Take charge of their own economy and stop waiting for the economy to change and for the government to change things for them”

Are you ready to take charge of your own economy?

What is the purpose of Fire Up Africa?