Corporate Glass Walking

Glass walking is a powerful method, as is firewalking, but it is more suited for indoor events and shorter available time for the intervention. Perfect for boardrooms where you have to motivate and align your team. Smallers groups are preferred due to glass taking longer to walk than fire.

Contact us today to book a corporate glass walk and break through your businesses limits. We can accommodate groups from 10 up to 50 people for glass walking. Fire walking we accommodate groups of between 10 and 3,000.

Contact us to discuss your motivational needs at your next event. We are F.I.R.E. certified firewalking instructors, the same training that Tony Robbins got, to ensure safety and deliver maximum impact. Look at the pictures of the 122 people from the Sandoz sales team, as well as the 100 people from Samsung. If it works for them it can surely work for you!

Willem-Gous-Glass-Walking Willem-Gous-Glass-Walking-Close-up