Fire Up Africa event 3 August

On 3 August, Fire Up Africa aimed to break the world record for firewalking at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg, by having 1,000 people walking on one runway of red-hot coals.  The evening was a great success even though we did not smash the world record. What we did smash, was a lot of limiting beliefs for the 250 people that attended the event.

The day started with preparation of the fire and making sure that we had all safety aspects covered. We set 92 bags of wood alight and that was just the start of a highly energetic day and evening event! The attendees started arriving at 17:30 and were eager to start with the event. We opened the doors to the amazing centre court at Emperors Palace and the people streamed in.

Barry Mitchell opened the evening by setting the vision that we have for Fire Up Africa  – to empower people to take charge of their own economy by smashing through their limiting beliefs. It was followed up by Willem Gous as he gave more detail about the 6 biggest fears that hold us back in life. As a person that worked through all those fears he was well qualified to talk about it.

Barry Mitchell then took the attendees through a process to help them discover and clearly see what is holding them back in life. The room was filled with the typical Barry Mitchell energy and it got people to participate and make the best use of this opportunity to really further their lives by smashing through their limiting beliefs.

The attendees were fired up and ready to take charge of their own economy.

Then the moment of truth arrived. It was time to walk on fire. If you think the energy was high in the room, you should have felt the energy around the fire! It drew crowds of onlookers eager to see and understand what this is all about.

It was magical to see how this simple tool, firewalking, caused so many changes in a great number of people. There was a group of high school children, as well as many primary school aged children that participated. There was even a person who had to walk on his hands, since he was wheelchair bound.

All in all everyone, the 215 people who walked and those who decided to watch only, had major shifts that evening which will have a positive impact upon their lives in future. It was realized that the vision and purpose set for Fire Up Africa is a good one that will be built and grown upon.

Here’s to Africa, let’s take charge of our own economy!

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