The Fire Up Africa Team

“We believe in personal responsibility. We believe in changing the things we have the ability to change and control” – Fire Up Africa

Willem Gous is the creator of indivineurship. He has started, owned and operated a Willem Gousnumber of businesses over the past 15 years. He has taken this experience and formally worked in the start-up space for over two years helping start-ups think critically about their ideas while reducing risk as much as possible. He focusses on business modelling, lean start up and the power of co-creation to help people excel in their ideas. He wants to bring financial freedom to people all over the world with his unique perspective on creating businesses and prosperity.

Willem Gous is a man of many talents and experiences. He cycled nearly 1,000 km over a period of 8 days during the 2007 Cape Epic mountain bike race. He ran the grueling Comrades marathon of 89kmin 10 hours and 34 minutes. He also hiked 330km through Namibia in 14.5 days. He has won multiple marketing awards and is a private pilot.

His passions in life are learning, teaching and his family.